Foster Program


Help us save lives by providing a temporary, loving, and restful retreat for animals in need. We provide some of the food and all medical attention, so there is little cost to you as a foster parent … all you provide is love!


When an animal needs some time to recover from a sickness or injury – or just needs to be socialized – we depend on our network of foster homes. Last year, our foster program made it possible to care for 350 cats and kittens.


At this time we are only accepting applications for mother cats with kittens and kittens under 8 weeks of age without mothers.

Top Tips for Cat Foster Parents

  • Always notify the foster coordinator whenever you pick up a new foster cat or adopt one out.
  • Check in regularly with your coordinator.
  • Ask for advice if your cat/kitten has stopped eating.
  • Kittens crash fast, so alert your coordinator early if you see behavior changes.
  • If your cat seems sick, check immediately for hydration – she should be drinking water, using the litter box, have elastic skin tone and a moist mouth.
  • Never use clumping litter for kittens under six months of age.
  • Wash your hands and change your shirt after handling sick animals to prevent spread of illness.
  • Never let your cat run loose outside; guard against escapes.

For more information on fostering cats, download our Cat Foster Information Guide.

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