Adoption FAQs

Ready to Adopt?

If you are interested in adopting one of our animals you must fill out an application.

Are there any adoption requirements?

You must be 21 to adopt an animal and some animals require a home check.

How do I adopt a pet?

If you are interested in adopting one of our animals, please fill out an application. Stray animals are put on a stray hold for a minimum of three days. Stray animals that come into the WCJC Animal Shelter already fixed or with some type of tag or collar will be held for five days and maybe longer if the director chooses. Applications will be taken on all stray animals once the “hold” period is up all applications will be reviewed and the best fit applicant will be chosen.

Are the pets for adoption healthy?

Upon entering the shelter, we vaccinate each animal and monitor their health while they are here. Everyday, each animal is observed for any signs of illness. Our animal receive veterinary care as needed.

How do I avoid picking the wrong pet?

We encourage everyone to come spend time with the animal you are interested in adopting. If we have any background information on the animal our staff will share that information with you. We can never be 100 percent accurate on identifying which breed an animal may be. Before you adopt any breed you should research the breed and their traits. If you have a dog at home we require “meet and greets” with some dogs to see how they react to each other. If you adopt an animal and it turns out to not be a good fit we require the animal to be returned to the shelter so we can place it in another home. Please do not attempt to rehome the animal on your own.

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